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Model:          Engine:            Deck:     

Compact         Vanguard             42"        

Compact         Vanguard             48"         

Compact         Kawasaki              42"  

Compact         Kawasaki              48"      



  • 2"X2" 11 Gauge Frame
  • New EZ Ride Suspension
  • 3/16" 7 Gauge Deck Thickness
  • Adjustable Steering
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Spindles
  • New Comfy Seat








Call for finance and cash prices*

Model:      Engine:            Deck:     

Diesel         28HP CAT             61"        

Diesel         35hp CAT             61"         

Diesel         35hp CAT             72"        



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Model:      Engine:                   Deck:     

Outlaw XP   Kawasaki FX                 54"        

Outlaw XP   Kawasaki FX                 61"         

Outlaw XP   Kawasaki FX                 54"        

Outlaw XP   Vanguard                     61"        

Outlaw XP   Vanguard                     54"        



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Model:     Engine:              Deck:     

Outlaw       Vanguard               54"        

Outlaw       Vanguard               61"        

Outlaw       Kohler Confidant     54"        

Outlaw       Kohler Confidant     61"        

Outlaw       Kawasaki FX           54"        

Outlaw       Kawasaki FX           61"        


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Model:              Engine:              Deck:     

Outlaw Extreme   Kawasaki FX            54"       

Outlaw Extreme   Kawasaki FX            61"        

Outlaw Extreme   Kawasaki FX            72"        

Outlaw Extreme   Vanguard                61"       

Outlaw Extreme   Vanguard                72"        

Outlaw Extreme   Kohler EFI              54"       

Outlaw Extreme   Kohler EFI              61"       


Call for finance and cash prices*

Model:     Engine:                 Deck:           

Maverick      Kohler Confidant       48"      

Maverick      Kohler Confidant       54"       

Maverick      Kohler Confidant       60"       

Maverick      Kawasaki FS             48"       

Maverick      Kawasaki FS             54"      

Maverick      Kawasaki FS             60"       


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Model:     Engine:                  Deck:  

ZT Elite      Kohler Pro 7000             48"       

ZT Elite      Kohler Pro 7000             54"       

ZT Elite      Kohler Pro 7000             60"    

ZT Elite      Kawasaki FR                  48"        

ZT Elite      Kawasaki FR                   54"        

ZT Elite      Kawasaki FR                   60"        


Call for finance and cash prices*

Model:         Engine:                  Deck:           

MZ Magnum    Kohler Pro 7000          48"         

MZ Magnum    Kohler Pro 7000          54"

MZ Magnum    Kawasaki FR               48"

MZ Magnum    Kawasaki FR               54"        


Call for finance and cash prices*

Model:    Engine:               Deck:       

MZ           Briggs 540cc             42"             

MZ           Kohler Pro 7000        42"            


Specialty Trailer & Outdoor Power Equipment

S.T.O.P. Equipment

NEW for 2018

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Model:     Engine:                 Deck:           

Stand On     Kawasaki FS             36"              

Stand On      Kawasaki FS             48"       

Stand On      Kawasaki FS             54"      

Stand On      Kawasaki FS             61"